1. Night Music

From the album Love & Bad News


Take my work clothes off
I I I Put my night clothes on
I come alive come alive
I come alive in the night
Wondering who I'm gonna meet
Maybe someone I could keep
Take a look in the mirror
I guess I look cool
The only thing that's missin now is the music, the music, the music of the

Night music
And I'm I might loose it

It's at the club I see you
Then we take a shot or two
Our conversations short and sweet
Seem like someone I could keep
I put my drink right down
And picked that girl right up
Then I flashed my smile
And we danced for a while
We were so caught up caught in the

Night music
You know we're feeling the night music yeah
In the night music
And I just might loose it baby

They saw us leaving together
Uh oh, uh oh
We were looking for someone better
Uh huh, and I know it’s you
Lets find some place where nobody can see
I'll show you the effect that you're having on me
We're living in this world of temporary thrills I know
I know you know it's true I know I'm in with you to-

Night music yeah
You know we're feelin the night music

In the night music
And I think that I might loose it babe
In the night music
I know you're feelin the night music